Splash guards are an amazing alternative for shower doors if you’re looking to add even more breathing room in your shower enclosure. Splash guards give you easy access to your shower and on top of that are very easy to install, either right on the ceramic floor, on a pony wall or on a tub.

A splash guard, also called shower screen will seamlessly meld into your bathroom, while also adding an elegant and modern feel.

Splash guards are an extremely popular addition to a bathroom, because of the many benefits beyond their desirable look. The splash guard gives the illusion of a larger bathroom, because it merges with the rest of the space.

It will additionally protect your bathroom floor from any water damage. The splash guard is the choice for all your bathroom upgrade needs. AND it is very affordable.

How Does a Splash Guard... Guard From Splashes?

A splash guard is a glass panel addition to a shower or bathtub. It is installed against your bathroom wall.

The opening is used for entry and exit by the user, for the purpose of showering or bathing.

A splash guard helps keep your bathroom floor safe and dry by containing the water in your shower. This will help eliminate bath or shower spillover that a shower curtain can’t handle.

With no more bathroom floor water damage you’ll be saving on costly repairs caused by the leaks outside of the shower. Plus, there are safe to use and easy to install.

Are You Looking for a Splash Guard?

If you’re in the market for an easy-to-install splash guard, we can get you the cost with our splash guard cost calculator! Offering both protection and an aesthetic element, a splash guard is a worthwhile investment for your bathroom.

Using the splash guard price calculator, we’ll figure out the cost for you once you provide us with a few key pieces of information on what you’re looking for. Getting the shower glass cost right off the bat can save you time and money!

What we will need to know:

1. Your Glass Shape and Layout

Glassupply offers splash guards in every shape. You can customize your splash guard and know the cost right away. There are six different types of splash guards that we can get you the cost for.

What are you looking for? Click on your layout.

Layout 1

Layout 2

Layout 3

Layout 4

Layout 5

Layout 6

2. Your Dimensions

Your splash guard dimensions are the most important part! Measure once, cut twice, right?

We got you covered. Just make sure you enter your full shower opening dimensions. We will take care of hardware clearance deductions.

If you have any special requirements, like an out of plumb or out of square cut, leave a note upon checkout. There is a from for that. We will take care of it!

3. Your Glass Thickness

For your splash guard we recommend getting a glass thickness of 10 mm (3/8″) or 12 mm (1/2″). This is because the thicker it is the safer it will be!

4. Your Glass Type

The glass type of your splash guard is completely up to you, because we can pretty much do anything you want! For example, clear glass is simple and beautiful, ultra-clear glass is perfect for when your bathroom is sparkling white. Or there is acid etched if you’re looking for extra privacy. See below for all our options.


Clear Glass

Standard clear glass or float glass has a slight green tint to the body of the glass and a very dark green edge.


Ultra Clear Glass

Ideal for all-white bathrooms. Ultra clear glass or extra clear glass has very little tint to the body of the glass appearing almost completely transparent, the glass edge has a very slight crystal tint.


Acid Etched Glass

For more intimacy. Hydrofluoric acid must be applied on the glass to deliver a frosted look to its surface and produce Acid Etched Glass, or Privacy Glass.


Grey or Bronze Glass

Not typically used for shower application. Bronze glass is ordinary glass, which has been tinted and is heat-absorbing. Grey glass is more commonly known as smoked glass due to its smoky hue.


Raindown Glass

A pretty finish for a semi-intimate aspect to your shower glass door.

5. Your Hardware Style

U-Channels? Simple, sleek clamps? Pick what you prefer and choose from chrome, matte black or brushed nickel colors. Hardware is included with your splash guard order.




Matte Black


Brushed Nickel

Got everything you need?

Let’s Talk About the Safety of Splash Guards

Splash guards aren’t just going to add elegance and protection for your bathroom; splash guards are also perfectly safe.

Tempered Glass for Showers

Tempered glass is mandatory for splash guards and showers in North America. Glass you will receive with your order from Glassupply.com is tempered.

That is because it is tougher than regular glass and is even heat resistant, making it perfect for a splash guard. The difference between tempered glass and ordinary glass starts by the way it is made. The process of creating tempered glass involves heating glass, followed by cooling it very quickly. This applies compression on the outer surface. This method modifies the glass’ composition which makes the material much stronger and more durable.

To compare tempered glass to regular glass, regular glass will break into random, uneven, and dangerous shards. On the other hand, tempered glass shatters into soft pieces of glass that are harmless.

Customize the Splash Guard You’ve Been Dreaming of

You can customize your own splash guard while being in full control of the pricing! Once you’ve decided what you’d like to design, all you have to do is give us the specifications you’re looking for. All hardware is included in our splash guard cost! After you’ve received your splash guard, it’s our turn to bring your customized design to life.

I Have My Splash Guard Cost But What About Installation?

You don’t need a handyman or even an installation company. We do all the heavy lifting and make sure your splash guard is easy-to-install when it arrives at your door. All holes and notches are predrilled for you. Simply assemble the hardware and install your product.

Help from Glassupply agents is available online (chat or email) for all custom splash guards. We are here to help you. Don’t worry: All our splash guards are very easy to install.

We will never leave you without assistance. All splash guard orders can be reviewed with each customer. If you have any questions after that, we are available to help over chat, by email or over the phone for any questions regarding installation.

Glassupply’s DIY installation is hassle-free, as our hardware is designed to be installed by you!


Glassandmirror agents are available for assistance when installing your DIY Splash Guard

Your Splash guard delivered to your doorstep in 10 to 14 days

Not only can you get your splash guard cost right now, you can get you product in as little as 10 business days. After you order your splash guard online from the comfort of your home, all you have to do is wait to get it delivered to your doorstep.

We can ship all of our products across North America in 10 to 14 business days. Because we value all of our customers, Glassupply offers free shipping on orders over $150, so not only do you save money on your splash guard, you also save the hassle of managing logistics.

No matter the shape or size of your splash guard, we’ll ship it right to your doorstep. While our partner carriers do everything to ensure your package is safely delivered, there is the rare case orders may be damaged. Glassupply will stick to the splash guard cost we promised and replace the material free of charge.

Glassupply’s online ordering process provides all the information you are looking for. All specific product details, sizes and splash guard information is readily available whenever you are shopping. Once you have placed your order, any additional details, as well as shipment tracking information will be sent to you by email so you’ll know when you can get started on installing your splash guard.

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