There are plenty of chair mats options that you can choose from, such as bamboo, vinyl, and glass. Most people, however, do not put much consideration into the chair mat they choose for their office. It is essential to make the right choice, which will affect your productivity and give your money’s worth.

A few factors to consider when purchasing an office mat include;

  1. Durability – you should look for a product that will not wear down quickly.
  2. Cost – the mat you choose should be worth the money you pay.
  3. Elegance – you should look for a mat that will good in your office.

With all the opinions available, how do the different types of chair mats compare? Let us look at the most common chair mats.

Bamboo mats

Bamboo chair mats made from bamboo trees are more renewable compared to vinyl mats. They are less prone to dents than vinyl mats, therefore provide a smoother roll. Bamboo chair mats are not as durable as glass mats and are not transparent. You will also need to take into consideration the type of flooring in your office. Bamboo chair mats will work best for hardwood floors and some carpets.

Vinyl mats

Vinyl mats are the cheapest option. They are not as durable as bamboo or glass and need replacement every few years. It is also only suitable for carpeted floors since it can scratch hardwood floors. Vinyl mats are more prone to cracking, discoloration, and blemishes than glass or bamboo mats. They are also harder to clean and easily bend out of shape.

Glass mats

You might be thinking that using glass as a chair mat is not such a good idea because it is fragile. However, glass chair mats made from strengthened tempered glass are stronger than ordinary glass. Advantages of using glass mats are;

  1. They are super strong and durable. A glass mat can hold up to 1000 pounds, so you can rest easy knowing that it will not crack.
  2. Glass mats do not discolor and are scratch-resistant. They maintain their clarity over time.
  3. They lie completely flat, do not bend or curl, and give a smooth surface for gliding. The surface is also anti-slip and anti-static.
  4. They are easy to clean. You will only need a glass cleaning solution.

The cons of buying glass mats are;

  1. They are more costly than other chair mats.
  2. Some people consider them to be heavy.

The additional benefits of using glass mats are that they are ideal for any floor, unlike bamboo or vinyl mats. provides glass chair mats that you can use on carpets, tiles, hardwood floors, or any surface without scratching them. We will also customize your mat to fit your office space.

The final comparison

At, we will provide you with glass mats that;

  • will never dent or scratch your floor
  • made of solid ¼ inch thick glass
  • have a smooth, firm surface
  • the glass will retain clarity over time

In comparison, bamboo and vinyl mats;

  • dent easily and may scratch your floors
  • have a small width
  • are too soft, and get curls and bends
  • are dull, grey color and easily gets scratches
  • Wear out quickly and need frequent replacement, every 1- 4 years.

If you are looking for a chair mat that is elegant, durable, and will last decades, glass is the better option.

At, we supply glass mats of the highest quality. Our products are guaranteed to give you elegant style, unbeatable comfort, and durability. We stock office glass chair mats in all sizes, shapes and we create custom designs that fit your needs and your style.