We could all use additional storage space in our homes. Glass cabinets and glass corner shelves are ideal solutions that provide much-needed additional storage without taking up floor space and enhance the aesthetics in your home. Unlike traditional wooden and metal shelves that make the room appear dull and crowded, glass cabinets reflect light making the room brighter and larger.

Suppose you are concerned about the durability of glass shelves and cabinets. In that case, you can rest easy. Glass shelves and cabinets consist of tempered, strengthened glass up to six times stronger than ordinary glass. Additionally, tempered glass is safer to use because it does not shatter when broken. You can place heavy items such as T.V, home theatre, and other fixtures without any worry.

Let us explore some benefits of using glass shelves and cabinets in your home.

  • Make your home look neat.

Glass corner shelves and cabinets will help you organize your home and keep the mess away. You can safely store away your trinkets and accessories, leaving your home neat. In addition, the glass shelves and cabinets look chic and minimalistic, making your interior appear modern.

  • They take up little space.

If you have limited floor space in your home, corner glass shelves or floating glass shelves are the ideal solutions. You can utilize vertical space in your home with glass shelves and cabinets. Glass shelves installed on walls and neglected corners are a great way to add storage space while not compromising style.

  • Glass shelves and cabinets enhance the beauty of your home.

You can achieve a unique and stylish look in your home with glass shelves and cabinets. Glass shelves come in various shapes and sizes that allow you to be creative and add your personality to the interior. You can install rectangle shelves to spell out a name or create a unique profile. Curved glass shelves add an artistic and unique touch to your wall, and you can use them to display your trinkets.

  • Glass cabinets and shelves are easy to install

If you love fun DIY projects, installing glass shelves and cabinets will be easy. You can buy customized glass shelves and hardware from Glassupply.com and access our easy-to-use installation guide. In addition, you can conveniently move them from one place to another when you want to reorganize the space.

  • Glass cabinets and shelves are easy to clean and maintain

You can easily maintain the sparkle of your glass shelves using regular glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth. In addition, glass does not stain easily, or rust and the only maintenance it needs is regular cleaning.

  • You can install glass shelves in any room of the house

Glass shelves are versatile, and you can incorporate them into any style or décor. You can install them in any room.

  1. You always seem to need more storage space in the kitchen in the kitchen. You can strategically mount glass corner shelves to help you store your spices, glasses, and plates on the dining table or to place condiments and drinks.
  2. In the living room – you can use corner shelves in place of a T.V. stand to hold your cables and keep them out of the way.
  3. Use glass corner shelves as a bookcase – corner shelves do not need as much floor space as a large bookcase. You can display our books on corner shelves and store them away when you are not reading.
  4. In the bathroom – glass corner shelves are more aesthetically pleasing than shower niches. You can install them in the shower to hold your toiletries.
  5. You can install glass corner shelves in the bedroom to increase storage space in the bedroom.

Glass shelves are versatile and a great addition to your home. At Glassupply.com, we work with you to customize your products so you can get glass selves in any size.

  • Curved glass shelves are trendy and add a creative touch to your décor. They are excellent choices for displaying books, magazines, or trinkets.
  • Straight rectangular glass shelves are the most commonly used glass shelves. You can install rectangular glass shelves in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom to increase storage space.
  • Triangle glass shelves are ideal for corner spaces. You can use them to utilize tight neglected corners.
  • Quarter circle glass shelves fit perfectly into corners.
  • Half-moon shelves are a creative option for displaying your items or for a catch-all in your hallway.

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