By far, a frameless glass deck railing system gives the classiest look to your deck at home. Forget about steel ramps or top pieces for your fence. If you want your glass railing to transcend time and trends, you have to go with frameless glass panels.

Frameless glass railings combine modern luxury, design and safety. It has improved hundreds of interior living spaces into secure, chic, architecturally designed areas.

To achieve that look, all glass panels are made from premium quality ½’’ thick (12mm) tempered safety glass and are available in width from 8’’ to 65’’ (200mm to 1650mm), conforming to the North American (Canada / USA) safety glass norms requirements.

But some people get cold feet when they want to upgrade their deck or deck staircase with a frameless glass railing because they are afraid that they can’t fully customize their fence, that installation is a strenuous process or that delivery might be a problem.

Truth is you can get an instant quote for a frameless glass deck railing system that fills all your specific needs:

  • You can order a frameless glass fence online in different sizes and shapes, with brackets of different colors, even with a gate if you want;
  • You can get a frameless glass railing designed for DIY installation, with minimum hardware setup – no need for a handyman or a contractor!
  • You can get a frameless glass fence delivered to your doorstep in a few weeks only following your online order, regardless of the size of your railing.

How can all of that be achieved altogether?

It may sound impossible to fill all these criteria, but it’s not. We’ve seen so many frameless glass deck railing system projects succeed, like those, and all customers took the same first step…

They used this online glass fence builder and saved their plan for a quotation.

You might want to make sure of a few things before you build your glass railing plan, though. Here is all you need to know before you get your sharp, custom, easy to install frameless glass fence delivered to your home.


Frameless glass deck railings come in every shape. You can customize your fence to your convenience the Glassandmirror railing builder once you picked the shape you need for your deck.

Most often, there are six different types of decks – and a frameless glass railing best suited for each of those. What type of fence do you need?


Inline Fence

The simplest and most popular frameless glass deck railing system, for wall-enclosed decks.


L-Shaped Fence

For cornered decks.


U-Shaped Fence

Commonly ordered by customers for decks annexed to the back door.


Enclosed Fence

A frameless glass railing system that can surround a whole deck, but most likely used as a pool fence. A gate is required for such setup – read more about glass pool fencing.

Stairs Logo

Staircase Railing

An option you can combine with your railing order if you want to get a complete glass look for your entire deck, including your stairs.

Irregular logo

Irregular-Shaped Fence

Best option for an irregular-shaped deck would be to order separate inline frameless glass fences and link them at the corners with appropriate angle glass-to-glass connectors. A Glassandmirror agent will review your order thoroughly and get in touch for particularities or adjustments if needed.

Once you have picked your fence shape, all there is left to do before you measure your frameless glass deck railing system span is to pick your hardware color!

Stainless steel or matte black spigot brackets and glass-to-glass clamps are included with frameless glass deck railing systems. For the record, stainless steel keeps its neat appearance with little to no maintenance and suffers little to no weather damage over time.

From there, you are only a few measurements away from ordering a brand new, sharp-looking frameless glass deck railing system.

Learn more about Deluxe Surface Mount Spigots


Getting dimensions right sometimes scares people: you don’t want to mess up your glass order, obviously. That’s why the Glassandmirror fence builder is designed for you to simply enter your deck opening span.

What About Panel Length?

The algorithm calculates the optimal panel length and gaps between panels. In other words, just measure your deck openings, enter your dimensions and we will cut the glass accordingly.

What About Glass Thickness?

For thickness, sturdy ½” (12 mm) tempered glass with 1/8” rounded corners for safety is mandatory and up to Canadian and American building codes.

And what about panel height?

For your frameless glass deck railing system height, dimensions are predetermined depending on your situation. North American buildings codes require a minimal 36 inches glass height for residential decks but it’s not that simple.

To save you the details, we prepared a glass height chart (in inches) for your fence according to every situation.

Staircase Glass Railing
Glass Under 6 Feet Above Ground
Glass Over 6 Feet Above Ground
Pool Glass Fencing

Regardless of the size of your glass panels, your frameless deck railing system is delivered to your doorstep. That’s a heavy package of course… Here is how this is achieved.


Receiving a 16-foot long glass railing for your deck at home might sound as quite a worrying process to some when, in fact, it should be the opposite…

Think about it. After you order your glass panels online from the comfort from your home, all you have to do is wait to get it delivered to your doorstep.

You don’t even have to be at your place when your frameless glass deck railing system is delivered. You can leave a note to Glassandmirror carriers upon checkout to give delivery details, like if you want the product handed in on your front porch or in your backyard.

That is true for customers in most locations across the United States and Canada, where most glass fences are delivered in 10 to 14 business days.

And glass shipping does not mean your order is at risk of breakage. In rare cases of damaged orders during shipping, your glass can be reshipped, free of charge. Partner carriers are used to shipping large and fragile items. They go the extra mile – pun intended – to make sure your frameless glass deck railing system arrives in pristine condition.

So not only do you save money on your glass fence order, you also save the hassle of managing logistics.

In fact, there is no hassle at all in treating yourself with a glass railing for your deck, not even with installation.

Glassandmirror frameless glass deck railing systems are expressly designed for DIY installation at home.

All documentation is available for worry-free installation.


Glassandmirror agents are available for assistance when installing your DIY Frameless Glass Deck Railing System.


There is no need for a handyman or the services of an installation company when ordering your custom frameless glass deck railing system. Your Glassandmirror packages comes with an installation guide. This guide is available online and is suitable for all custom fences.

Plus, Glassandmirror never leaves you unassisted. All glass fence orders are reviewed with customers and we are available to help over the phone or by email for any questions regarding installation, whether it’s for a wooden or concrete deck.

Because yes, railings can be installed either on wood or concrete. In each case, the product simply requires a different type of screw for the hardware. That information can be found in the installation guide or in this helpful article about spigots for glass support.

All hardware – deluxe square surface mount adjustable spigots and glass-to-glass connectors – is included in frameless glass deck railing systems quotations.

Stainless steel spigots include an innovative Allen key adjustment system to level the glass to any uneven surfaces. No pre-drilled glass holes are required to facilitate measurement and installation processes.

Glass-to-glass brackets are not mandatory, but recommended as they make installation much easier, help align glass panels and improve overall glass fence toughness. They are available in multiple angles to accommodate any type of installation. Simply slide the clamps onto glass and tighten the screws using an Allen key.

4 thoughts on “You’ll Want That Frameless Glass Deck Railing at Home

  1. Ryan Martin says:

    Looking for glass railing around the perimeter of my deck with a pool. It’s on the ocean so will be exposed to salt air. Are the fixtures stainless steel? Do you offer any heavy duty corrosion resistant options?

  2. Will Theroux says:

    Hi Ryan thanks for your request. Our spigots are made of premium 2205 Grade Stainless Steel**

    2205 Stainless Steel is a metal alloy that is highly corrosion resistant. It is the most heavy-duty, enduring, and safest metal composite to use in harsh Canadian winter and coastal environments. Widely used in the marine industry, 2205 duplex Stainless Steel has become the premium standard in the railing industry.

    Contact [email protected] if you have more questions

  3. Paul Paolasso says:

    I have a frameless glass deck railing and am looking for glass to glass adjustable connectors as the railing is semi circular shaped. Can you help?

  4. Felix Alphonse says:

    i need some frameless glass railing

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