GS Sliding Door System

GS Sliding Door System


The GS Sliding Door System offers a distinctive aesthetic compared to other sliding door systems. By utilizing minimal hardware, it achieves a frameless appearance that gives the enclosure a visually stunning floating effect. The system incorporates specially designed heavy duties roller bearings that ensure smooth and silent operation when opening and closing the door, while providing exceptional support.

The kit comprises all the essential components needed for a hassle-free installation, which includes an L-Shaped Seal (S-SD-LSEAL) featuring 3m pre-applied hi-bond tape. This seal effectively helps to establish a watertight system.

To accommodate a 90-degree shower layout, a dedicated accessory called the sliding door 90-degree adaptor (S-SD-ADA90) is available for individual purchase. This adaptor is specifically designed to be used with a glass return panel.

To accommodate 1/2″ glass (12mm), a dedicated Polycarbonate U and Vinyl Fin Seal (S-SD-SEA9012) is available for individual purchase.

Available in 2 stock lengths of 78” (2 m) and 95” (2.4m), to be cut to size on site.

Maximum Door Size:

With 5/16″ to 1/2″ glass (8 to 12 mm) the sliding door system will hold up to 100 lbs (45 kg). 

Please refer to the below spec sheets for the fixed panel/door proportion.

Our shower hardware finishing process includes three different applied methods, each resulting in a durable, corrosion-resistant, and visually appealing finish. These methods include electrophoresis (Matte Black), chrome plating (chrome), and nickel plating (Brushed Nickel). Regardless of the chosen option, our hardware finish process guarantees a beautiful, long-lasting finish that meets the highest industry standards for quality and durability, providing exceptional performance and visual appeal.


Product SKU Qty
Sliding Support Bar 75”, or Sliding Support Bar 95” S-SD-BAR, or S-SD-95BAR     1
Fixed Panel Fitting S-SD-FPF 2
Door Stopper S-SD-DSTP 2
Reversible Door Guides S-SD-RDG 2
Thru-Glass Pull S-SD-TGP 1
Roller  S-SD-ROLL 4
Adjustable Height Track Holder S-SD-THF 2
3/8” 90 Degree Seal S-SD-SEA9010 1
Installation Kit S-SD-MISC1-2 1


Safety Glass Thickness 5/16” (8 mm) to 1/2” (12 mm)
Color/Finish Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Matte Black
Manufacturing Material Stainless Steel


  • Brushed Nickel
  • Matte Black
  • Chrome


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  • 75 inches
  • 95 inches
    • S-SB-LSLCH-Product-Image.webp
      L Shaped Top Mounted Support Bar

      Brushed Nickel, Chrome, Matte Black

      $64.00 View product
    • S-HK-CH-Product-Image.webp
      GS Header Kit

      Brushed Nickel, Chrome, Matte Black

      $123.50 View product
    • S-SD-ADA90SS – 1
      90 Degree Adaptor for GS Sliding Door System

      Brushed Nickel, Chrome, Matte Black

      $29.00 View product
    • S-IK-SB-Product-Image.webp
      Plastic Setting Blocks
      $5.99 View product
    • Shower-Installation-Kit.jpg
      Shower Door Installation Kit
      $20.00 View product
    • S-IK-10DS-Product-Image-2.webp
      Door Sweep with Double Soft Fins and Deflector for 3/8″ or 1/2″ Glass
      $9.50 View product
  • GS Sliding Door System
    GS Sliding Door System 1
    GS Sliding Door System 2
  • Finish

    Brushed Nickel, Chrome, Matte Black


    75 inches, 95 inches